Monday, December 19, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas..and a True Friend Gave To Us

About a week ago, Rachel opened the door and exclaimed "presents!!"  I looked out the front door and was beyond stunned to see that there were indeed 12 beautifully wrapped gifts. Each was labelled with a number and a note attached.  We have no idea who it was, but someone found it in themselves to treat us to an amazing gift.

The children eagerly placed each present under the tree (except number twelve because that one said to put it in the freezer) and discussed what they thought could be inside each one.  The anticipation was killing them and the joy and delight was just oozing out of them.

We decided to put everyone's name in a bin and draw names each night to decide who would get to unwrap the gift of the day. Each night before bed, we sing a Christmas song together, say family prayer, and open the gift.  And each night I'm reminded of just how blessed we really are.

The gifts have been so cleverly chosen, each having its own little poem attached to it.  My favorite so far has been the fifth day of Christmas with a poem that says something to the affect of, "If hearing's not your thing, enjoy these golden chocolate bells even though they don't ring".  That one made me giggle and demonstrated just how much thought went into it all.

It hasn't even been about the gifts that has touched me so much.  (Although the gifts have been VERY generous and kind and I can only hope that we will someday be in a position to pay this gesture forward). It's the joy and togetherness that this has brought to us that I'm so grateful for.  We haven't missed a night of family prayer together, and we treasure that ten or fifteen minutes that we get to just be together enjoying each other's company.  We feel so loved and so blessed to know that, even our little family isn't forgotten this holiday season.  This has been so uplifting for us in the midst of Liam's surgery, and then repeat surgery, Byron's job being in jeopardy due to lay-offs, and just the general hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  I love that this gives us a moment each day to pause as a family and realize the true meaning of Christmas.  It's about giving and thinking of others and putting them before yourself.  Helping my children understand that through this anonymous giver's example is truly the best gift of all.

We don't know who you are, but we hope you are out there reading this somewhere.  We hope you know just how deeply grateful we are for your kindness and generosity.  We are beyond touched that you chose us to receive this amazing gift.  May you be blessed ten-fold for what you've done for us.