Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wahooooo!!! Surviving Summer!!

Look! Here I am five weeks into summer vacation and I'm still alive and the children are still standing, too. Wahooo! That means I won't be going to prison for murder anytime soon.  Actually, I can honestly say that we're not just surviving summer but we're almost thriving.  I've even learned a few interesting things this summer.

1. Crayons left out on the deck will indeed melt leaving colorful puddles all over the deck that can only be scraped off...or you can just shrug and leave them there.
2. The ice cream man is of the devil. He plays music that sounds like a slowly dying musical toy, charges far too much, and induces vast amounts of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth in small humans as he drives by without stopping.
3. The lifeguards at the pool will NEVER fully understand that they can't yell "stop running!" to the little deaf kid that goes running by no matter how many times you explain it to them and show them how to simply sign it.
4. "It's not faaaaaaair" is the only acceptable response for a child when reminded that he needs to do his chores.
5. No amount of super fun daily activities will make up for the fact that this is the most boring summer ever. Oh, and can we go to the park again tomorrow??
6.Sandbox sand has amazing adhesive properties when naked little butts climb into the sandbox right before Mom is ready to take them somewhere.
7. Squirt guns are the best toy EVER unless they're aimed directly at you.
8. Babies in swimsuits are the cutest things on the planet.
9. WalMart with six kids doesn't always have to equate to a trip straight to hell. Sometimes it can sometimes even be fun. Usually it will feel a bit like hell, though.
10. No one can resist rocking out and dancing like no one's looking when Mom pumps a little music into the tv speakers during chores time.
11. Siblings will argue over every. single. thing. and then turn around and beg to play with each other two seconds later.
12. Sonic's happy hour half-price drinks and slushes will guarantee smiles all over.  Maybe a few spills in the new van, too, but who's counting?
13. At the end of the day, Daddy can't possibly get home soon enough for Mommy's sanity.
14. Kids will never tire of seeing wild bunnies, birds, worms, bugs, butterflies, or lizards running around. We must all stop and become totally awe-struck at such amazing wonders.
15. Rain is fun. Thunder and lightening is not.
16. Barbie dolls will meet their death if left out and the dog finds them. Don't worry, she'll only eat a couple of arms and half of the head. Barbie can still be played with.
17. Dinner tastes way better eaten outside.
18. Laundry multiplies about fifteen times in the summer compared to the winter.
19. Television is not necessary to make for a great day.
20. Nothing is more perfect than a summer spent with family. (Even if the kids all claim that it's "totally lame".)