Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This White Boy Has NO Rhythm

Can you see Number One? He's the short kid between the African American boy and the other tall boy. (Both kids next to him seem to have some sort of idea of what is happening).

The King, as many of you know, is a VERY musically gifted man. He has this gorgeous tenor voice that makes me swoon every single time I hear it. He can sit down at a piano and play gorgeous pieces of music causing me to stop what I'm doing just to listen. His musical gifts were one of the many things we'd hoped to pass on to our children. The worst case scenario was that they'd get my genes. I can't carry a tune in a bucket. It's bad,VERY bad when I sing. Even The Beast will ask me to stop singing when he's got his hearing aids out. That is BAD. So, Number One is finally old enough to join the music clubs at his school. He got a head start this summer when we signed him up for an enrichment program taught by his teacher at school. He has really enjoyed drumming, but we've never really gotten a chance to see him do it. (Well, we did once over the summer, and he did okay. But it was a VERY small group). We did get to witness his lovely talents this past week at his school's performance for the holidays. Look closely at the video. The short kid in the front who just really not keeping up, even a little, is my little Number One. He works so hard and is so focused. He has a passion for it. As for skills? Well, maybe they'll come. Until then, I think this is proof that he has inherited some of his mother's genes. It also goes as a fabulous example of the fact that some white boys just have no rhythm.

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