Monday, January 7, 2008

Parenting 101: Taught by Number One

I've been blessed to have smart kids. I know, every single parent says they have smart kids. But, truly-mine are too darn smart for their own good. The other day Number One decided to prove that he is, indeed, too smart for his own good.

I asked him to pick up some of his clothes and put them in the hamper, and probably asked him to do a couple other "totally unfair" things, like put his trash IN the garbage rather than next to it. You know, all those cruel things that only really mean parents make their poor, innocent children do. He decided he didn't want to do the tasks I asked, and explained why. "I'm on vacation, so I shouldn't have to do anything. And, besides, you're the parent. Parents should have to clean up their kids' messes".

While I was grateful for the memo and accompanying parenting tip, I have to say this was not the wisest thing he could have said to me. My response: "You're right. It's vacation. I shouldn't have to do anything, either. When you get hungry, go ahead and make something yourself. I'm on vacation. You know that shirt you wanted me to wash? Good luck with that. I'm on vacation. Oh, and I know you wanted me to take you to rent a movie or play with a friend. Yeah, I forgot. I'm on vacation. You have fun, though."

I also let him know I'd be writing his parenting tip in a safe place (like on a blog or something) for safe keeping so he can return to it for reference when he is a parent. And, just for good measure, I said a special prayer that night. I prayed that he'd be blessed with great fertility (after he is married and NOT living in my house) which results in quintuplets that are all just like him.

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Anonymous said...

YOU ROCK!! So did he straighten up after he figured out you being on vacation wouldn't help his cause?