Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Didn't Think Pretty Could Be Any Prettier

It's never been a secret that I looooooove having a Pretty. Since the day she was born, I have loved doing her hair. For her first 2 1/2 years or so, she really only had one or two hairs on her head. Well, that and an unfortunate mullet that we trimmed for her before it became a big enough issue that permanant emotional damage could be done. I would style those two hairs to the death. I always had a new hair nobby or big clippy to put in there. As it got longer, delighted in putting it in braids, clips, pony tails, and anything else I could do with it. It was long enough that it was almost half way down her back.

As much as I loved how long and princess-like it had become, I also knew that it was getting scraggly. She really needed a good cut that would help her get rid of the dead ends and give her hair a chance to grow in a little thicker and healthier. So, yesterday I took the plunge. I finally let her get her first official haircut. And I did it on a whim.

She was so proud. She loved wearing the cape, having her hair squirted with bottled water, feeling the chair go up and down, and seeing all of her long locks on the floor. I, however, was sitting in the chair next to her feeling the need to breathe deeply into a brown paper bag.

In the end, she was as beautiful as ever. Maybe even prettier than she was minutes before. She walked out with her hair about at her chin undercut into a bob. I blew it out for her today, and I'm just astounded by how beautiful she really is. We won't even talk about how grown up she looks. She's a little lady now.
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