Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Got Crafty

I've been really enjoying keeping our amazing new house all clean and presentable. Everything has a place and a purpose, and I love that. It makes tidying SO MUCH easier. Anyway, apparently I've been pricked by the Little Suzie Home Maker bug because I've also been feeling crafty.
I found this wreath idea here and decided to give it a try. I had no idea it could be SO MUCH FUN!! I ended up staying up until 1am working on it. I must say, for a first try, I'm really pleased with how it looks.
If you decide to try it, there are a few tips I'd share with you.
1. Find a place to buy your ribbon in bulk. It can get pricy.
2. Use the green wreath shaper instead of the white styrofoam. It's more sturdy and only about $1 more.
3. Only cut your ribbon pieces to about 4 inches long or else they get floppy when you pin them in.
4. Wait to purchase decorations for the wreath until it's done. I'd purchased some items to stick onto it, and it was a waste. I decided that it really looked much nicer on its own.
So, there you go. I'm officially crafty now.

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