Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday...I Mean Wednesday

So, what is there to say? Not much really. Well, I guess there is always something to say. In the case of the King and I, it's more a matter of just not ever having the time to say it all. Number One is always busy with school, drumming club, piano, or soccer. He likes to make sure I'm always on the run. The Beast has a crazy, wild schedule, too. He loves going to school, and spends lots of time looking forward to karate. He can't seem to get enough of jab, jab, cross, kicking. He's just sure he's all that and a bag of chips. We can't believe how far he's come. This kid never shuts up...though we were told from the beginning that he'd never speak. Talk about irony, hun? Tinkerbell loves to drive The Beast nuts. Now that she's walking, she has even more creative ways of torturing him. Her most recent is taking his cochlear implant processor right off his head. What a stinker!!! She also delights in removing the keyboard from the desk when he's playing on the computer. No sibling rivalry here at all. Truth be told, they all do it to each other. But, they work together when it comes to torturing the King and I.

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