Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How Did THAT Happen?

It's been an interesting month looking back. Snort had his hypospadias surgery and we got a really good doctor who seems to have figured out how to help him with his breathing issues. The King had some sort of chemical acid spill that got into his company's air ducts for a few minutes requiring a Hazmat visit and a short lock-out. (It's all better and no one was hurt, by the way). Number One has spent plenty of time working on his "tough guy" attitude, much to my dismay. He has also starting learning the value of money. A small allowance for special chores is really setting in with him. The Beast has learned to change the programs on his hearing devices, and temporarily lost one for us. Not to worry, folks. I'm always one step ahead of that kid. Pretty has discovered the fine art of climbing and tantrum throwing. Neither of those is particularly attractive, but what can I say?

So, with all of these fine things happening, I can assure that the King and I have found no time at all to do "married people things". You know what I'm talking about. Sex. We haven't done it. I swear. If, by some strange chance it did happen, I'm sure I wasn't there. Or maybe I was asleep. Or maybe I was just far too lost on Planet Housework and Planning to remember doing it. But, the story I'm sticking to is that we absolutely didn't do it.

Why am I sharing this with you? Well, because something very interesting and totally unexplainable has happened. I've gotten cranky. Really cranky. And I'm so tired by about 8pm. Too tired to really enjoy Survivor or Dancing With the Stars. And I've lost interest in American Idol. And, I've started feeling lazy. Really lazy. You should see the pile of laundry I have to tackle. Yikes! And my memory is going. Honestly, I can sit through a conferance or long conversation with a doctor, and walk out not remembering one word that was said.

Anyway, it was on my mind a little bit that all this was going on. I figured it was because I've had so much stress with Snort's health and trying to keep up with four kids and everything else. I thought maybe it was time to head to a shrink or something.

And then I looked at the calendar. And then I looked at it again. And again. Carefully, very carefully, I counted days. Oh. My. GOSH!!! Five days late. Again, I let it go. I figured all the stress and nursing were messing with my cycle. The next morning, I quietly got up while the King was sleeping in. I had a little something in the bathroom I needed to do. That's when I started to cry. How could this be? How did THAT happen? How the heck to TWO LINES show up on that pregnancy test??????

I had some blood work done because I'm the queen of miscarrying. The doctor's office called yesterday. This one is going to stick, at least they think. I go today to make sure the HCG is doubling, but there doesn't seem to be a problem.

Sigh. I've got to get an encyclopedia so I can find out where babies come from.

The HCG bloodwork came back more than doubled. Apparently this really is happening.


Dawn said...

Holy Moly.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you know where they come from!! And hey it only takes once. Thomas is my "but it was only one night that entire month" baby!! Congrats and call me anytime you wanna chat

heidi and tom said...


taffi said...

AIMEEEEEEEEEEE! You truly are a SuperMom. You'll be just fine!

I'm just giddy for you. (Pretty sure that's cuz I don't have to be the one puking. LOL)

ditndetes said...


Chris and Brianna Sundberg said...

YOu poor thing!!! If i weren't married, I would offer to be your full time nanny!!! Well still,,, i can quit my job...that is if you pay well. Anywho.. congrats call me i'll come pick up pretty for a playdate with princess. love ya like crazy

~V~ said...

I'll tell you how it happened, but it might be a little rated R for this forum. hee hee!

DesertFlip said...
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