Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mommy, You Butt is So Big

I took off my robe and bent over to get some garments just as the Beast walked into the room.

Beast: (shocked) Mommy, you have a butt!!!
Me: Yes, Beast, I do. We all have a butt.
Beast: But, Mommy, you butt is soooo big.
Me: It's just a butt Beast. We all have a butt.
Beast: Daddy have a butt too?
Me: yes.
Beast: Grandma have a butt?
Me: yes.
Beast: Ms. Lori (his teacher) have a butt, too?
Me: yes. We all have a butt.
Beast: Mommy, you butt is too big.

Um, thanks.


taffi said...

Little Man informed me the other day that my butt was nice and squishy. Thanks, kid.

Dawn said...

Destiny used to point at my belly and tell me I was fat.