Monday, August 25, 2008

A 3rd Grader, A Football, A Tutu, and an Itch

I've had some great stuff to post, and just haven't gotten around to it lately. Today, I promised myself I wouldn't do anything else until I got them all blogged. Since I stink pretty bad and could really use a shower, I decided that I'd best go ahead and do it early in the day. Plus, Snort has his 9 month well-check today, so I need to get moving.

A New Third Grader
First, Number One started Third Grade today. He's beyond excited. That won't last long, so I made sure I took a picture. We have a tradition of always taking a first day of school picture next to our front yard tree. The Beast starts head start next Tuesday, so his picture is coming up next.

Number One has the BEST teacher in the third grade at our school. It's a brand new school in the district, but I knew several of the teachers coming in. Hey! It pays to be nosey sometimes. While he's a little bummed that a lot of his guy friends aren't in his classed, he is quite pleased about a couple of the girls in there. Should I be worried about that? Probably. Anyway, here he is on his first day of third grade.

A Football
Those of you who are loyal followers of my blog are aware that Number One also signed up for football. Last week was his first week of practice, and it was hilarious. These kids can't even do a sit up with their helmets on because it's too top heavy for them. I go to practices just for a good laugh.

Number One is by far the smallest kid on the team, but I have to say he is pretty scrappy. He tackles with the best of them, and run pretty fast. He's most proud of his cup. My personal favorite moment was when he put it on the first time and proudly said "Hey, Beast! Kick me in the balls" while standing as tall as he could. Ummm...I'm thinking that's not a habit he wants the Beast to get into, but I'll let him figure that out.

Here he is on his first day of practice with his daddy trying to help him put on his new equipment. I'm sure you'll see more pictures as the season goes on.

Tutu Unimpressed
Lots of my MOFia friends have been making these adorable no-sew tutus for their little girls, and posted a tutu tutorial. I was so excited to make one for Pretty. Just imagine how cute she'd be prancing around in her fluffy tutu like a princess. I made her two. Let me just say I put hours of blood, sweat, and tears into that thing. HOURS I TELL YOU!!! One is purple and white with ties on the ends to make it look more like a pixie. It has a big bright pink ribbon in the back to tie it into a pretty bow. I couldn't get a picture of her in it because she wouldn't even let me put it on her.

Then there's the pink one. It's a little more wild looking, but so fun. As you can see from the photos, she's less than impressed with it. She cried the whole time I had it on her, which was about 2 minutes. As soon as I got it off, she ran to find the Beast and play legos with him. Seriously, isn't there anybody who can help her realize it's okay to be a little feminine? Hilary and Martha, get ready. She's coming over.

I Told You So. Neener Neener Neener.
Many of you may recall my unfortunate run-in with a poison ivy plant back in June. The King insisted to me that it couldn't possibly be poison ivy, even though a good friend with a post-graduate degree in horticulture identified it as poison ivy. He still didn't believe it was poison ivy after a doctor told me that the rash covering a huge portion of my body was a "classic case of poison ivy". He still didn't believe me after I got online and researched it showing him detailed descriptions and photos of what was growing on our house being identified as poison freaking ivy!!! I purchased a gallon size container of poison ivy killer. Spray that stuff on the thing, and wait a week. The sucker will be dead. Totally dead, and you can remove it without any problems. The King decided that he didn't know where I'd put the container, so he just went ahead and pulled the stuff himself. After all, it wasn't really poison ivy, so he had nothing to lose, right? When I came home to find him playing in it, I told him to go straight to the shower and wash carefully to get the oils off. Nope. He was a man and was doing man's work and wasn't done yet. He said he'd shower later.

He did get around to showering. But it wasn't until a couple of hours later. Guess who doesn't always use a washcloth, and prefers to use his hands to spread his soap around? Guess who insists on using bar soap instead of bath gel and used the same bar of soap for days in a row after playing in POISON IVY? Guess who got poison ivy over every inch of his body?

You've got that right, folks. The King believes me now that it is indeed poison ivy out there. When I see him itching, I so want to feel sorry for him. I do. It's just that I get such satisfaction from being able to point and laugh while singing the neener, neener, neener song and pointing out that I told him so. (It's not often that I can do that).

In an effort to not make everyone throw up, I didn't take pictures of ALL his parts that are covered. And, ahem, I do mean ALL his parts. But, I did just have to take a few pictures to prove my point. Don't worry. These are modestly done. It's okay to snicker at his expense, though. He's much less itchy now...well, sort of.

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