Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours...And What FUN That Can Be

We've really felt the long, hot dog days of summer around here. Number One has reminded me repeatedly just how boring it is to be home all summer when all your friends can be having fun at daycare. I've heard how unfair it is that he and the Beast are home doing *gasp!!!* chores while their friends are apparently off living the high life on some unknown planet. At least, it must be another planet because, according to my children, not one of their friends has to do chores. Ever. I am the only mean mom who makes their children suffer through the summer doing slave labor like picking up their own socks and putting them in the hamper.

They're just sure everyone else is having a ton more fun than them, too. Forget our amazing trip to New England which included amusement parks, beaches, and hot girls at a local park. That's not fun. Playdates, children's museums, dollar theater movies, Blockbuster rentals, and season passes to the pool aren't fun, either. They live deeply neglected, underprivileged, deprived lives.

Every now and then, though, something happens and they actually slip up and mention that their mom is "so cool" or "way fun". Yesterday was one of those days. They'd been wanting to play in the sprinkler all day long, but I'd been sort of slow in getting housework done and asked them to wait, preferrably without the Beast and Pretty doing some sort of science project in the bathroom this time. They waited. And they waited. And they waited. In my defense, I'd been up late with them having fun the night before and the Olympics is on. I'm baffled as to how they could just find no interest in that at all, but whatever. I guess they're kids.

Anyway, finally around 4:45 they asked if I'd play a computer game with them. They love downloading search and find games, and they're good at it. So, I agreed. I'm really astounded at how good they really are at finding some of the items requested. They have better eyes than me. We were happily playing when we suddenly heard an unusual sound. Pitter patter spatter drippity drop drop plop spatter pitter patter drip drop drip. I knew that sound well, so I opened the window. RAIN!!!!! Glorious rain!!!

The boys were just beaming with excitement. "Please, Mom, please can we go out and play in it." "Sure! Let's go!" Stunned silence. "Really, you're letting us play in the rain?" "Yep! Go have fun." And off they went. And fun they had. Just look at these pictures.

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~e said...

What FUN! We were driving in that storm and it was not fun. Wish we with you guys!