Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Rewarding Experience

(No clue what is up with his goofy face in this picture).

I wanted to teach Number One a lesson in work ethic. Homework with his is always a nightmare because he insists that "it's good enough". He doesn't tend to check his work, doesn't worry about the quality of his penmenship, and just generally drives me nuts about it.

This past semester, I decided that I was going to stop checking his homework, stop hounding him about the quality of his writing, and stop making sure he'd even done his work. I was going to leave the responsibility squarely on his shoulders. The rule was that, if his grades dropped, he'd be grounded until they came back up. I was going to teach him! *insert evil laugh here*
I was so excited the day report cards were set to come home. Finally, I'd have the chance to show him the importance of doing your best the first time. Instead of looking like the lame obsessive mom, I'd be the one who is RIGHT. It was a well thought-out plan.

As he walked in and handed me his report card, I invited him to come sit by me while I looked it over. This way, we could have a heart-to-heart about hard work. I opened the report card, and was stunned. Stunned and proud. Number One made honors. Honors!! His state standardized reading test results were in there, too. Perfect score. Not one question missed.
How the heck can I teach my kid that I am always right when he's the one who is right?!! How can I teach him that you always have to work hard at everything you do when academic learning comes so easily to him? *sigh*
Today, he was rewarded for being the brilliant mind that he is. At his school award ceremony, he received the reading award. I'm not shocked to see him get a reading award because he is really a voracious reader. It's a gift for him. He was able to stand with the students who earned honors and with the students who had perfect attendance as well as with the students who had met their reading goals.
I didn't get my teaching moment, but I got my learning experience. When left to his own devices, Number One has shown me that he's going to be just fine. He is ready to take on his own educational responsibilities without his mom breathing down his neck all the time. As a parent, I can't think of much of anything more rewarding than that. Good job, Number One!!!

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