Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The King and I, as well as anyone else who has been getting to know my children, have been watching Snort and Little Guy with great fascination. They have a bond like no two people I've ever seen. Snort is somehow drawn to Little Guy, and just can't bear to be apart from him. We can't explain it. It's as if they remember one another from Heaven before they came to Earth. Little Guy is calm and serene when Snort is near him, and Snort finds within himself a gentle love for Little Guy.

Snort finds any and every opportunity to climb up to Little Guy and repeat his name over and over and over. If Little Guy is crying, Snort gently repeats his name until I notice and attend to Little Guy's needs. He genuinely worries for him. As soon as he can get close enough, he opens the palm of his hand and strokes Little Guy's cheeks. He looks him in his eyes and it's like they are communicating with each other in a language only the two of them can understand. Quite often, we see what is shown here; Snort leaning over to hug and kiss Little Guy.

Even as I write this, I find myself a little bit choked up. It's a real testimony to me of the magnitude of these spirits trapped in such tiny bodies. Their bond has shown me that love is innate and true and genuine. And, in its purest form, love is healing. These boys have vastly different needs and yet they're both so much the same. Sometimes I think they're here for each other more than as gifts for the King and me. They are each other's greatest blessing.
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Kate said...

how sweet, I say with tears and goose bumps. I hope my kids can have that kind of bond when that time comes!

Heidi said...

Oh, that is very special to have that bond.