Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You've Got a Friend in Me

The Beast is quite the social butterfly. He loves to make new friends, drive them nuts until they run away screaming for mercy, and then make new friends to torture. Okay, so maybe it's not really that bad. Well...I guess it's not that bad anyway. Despite his chronic verbal diarrhea (I wonder where he could possibly have gotten that from?), he has had a few neighborhood friends who have chosen to stick by his side.

Miss P. is pictured here with him and Pretty. We didn't really know Miss P. even lived around here until the Beast brought her home with him one day. She's tinier than Pretty, so I assumed she was about two years old and worried a little that she was roaming the neighborhood. Come to find out, she's the same age as the Beast and is going to be starting Kindergarten with him next year. We had been given the choice to allow him to take one friend with him to his class who already knew him and wasn't bothered by all of his hearing aids. Once I caught on to Miss P.'s age, it was a no-brainer. I had the perfect friend for him to have by his side next year!!!

These three have forged quite the friendship. The second the Beast gets off the bus in the afternoon, the three of them are attached at the hip. Well, actually Miss. P. and the Beast are running at full speed and Pretty is just doing her best to keep up with them. They go back and forth between my house and her house. Luckily, we're just four houses apart from each other.

It's amazing to me how blessings fall into our laps sometimes. I had been so worried about the Beast having friends next year when all of a sudden, Miss P. shows up. What's crazy is that her family has apparently been living just four doors away from us for about six years. Whatever the case may be, I'm just glad to know these little ones will have each other when they venture off to the big elementary school next year. Now to start praying for the sanity of their poor teacher.
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