Sunday, July 26, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Who knew being the mother of five practically perfect in every way children could keep a person so busy? I know. Shocking. And, oh so shameful that I haven't had a chance to update my beloved blog in so long. Never fear, my faithful readers, (okay, so I know it's pretty much just me, but humor me). I am still here and am making a promise here and now never to neglect my blog again. Today's post won't include photos, but rest assured that they're coming.

Pretty Turned THREE
I don't even know how it's possible that she's gotten so big. But, according to the calendar, it's true. She's three now. We weren't going to tell her it was her birthday since her party isn't until next month, (she's sharing it with one of her favorite friends. Yes, we're cheap. No, we don't care how cheap we are.) but she found out. And she was so adorably excited to learn that it was her birthday. She ran around singing "Happly Buhday to meeeeeee" and explained that she wanted a pink cake and pink drinks and pink plates. Not a horrible order, right?

How do you say know to someone so cute with a request as simple as that one? You don't. Our friend, Samantha, made her a lovely barbie cake with a pink dress lovingly decorated with help from her mom and another friend (thanks, Reece!). I got some cheap pink plates, pink napkins, pink gift bags, pink princess presents, and pulled out the presents we'd been saving for her. We called one or two neighbor friends and Voila! Instant pink party. Not too shabby.

I Got a Handicapped Parking Pass
I have to thank everyone for the prayers and outpouring of love as we worked with Little Guy and his health issues. It was a scary time for us, but the love we felt made it completely bearable. He's home now with oxygen at all times. At home it's fairly easy. Well, mostly. The cat likes to chase his tubing. Figures. Going out, though, is another story. Dragging the oxygen, Little Guy, the other kids, the diaper bag, and the kitchen sink (okay, so I leave that at home, but it feels like I drag it, too) is a lot of work. The tank is usually the big one that I have to take depending on how long we're gone. And, when he starts walking, going too far will leave him fairly winded. So, I got a handicapped licence plate. I only use the privileges when Little Guy is actually with me, but I will say it's helped quite a bit.

A Funny From the Beast
So, the Beast is apparently actually learning something at church. And here I thought he just went to drive his teachers nuts. Nope. He's gaining knowledge. He loves to put things inside of bags, and I don't tend to pay attention to what junk he's putting in there. Well, that's not totally true. If a butcher knife, matches, or a little brother turns up missing, I'll check the Beast's bag. He took his bag to daycare with him one day and I'm told held an entire Sunday school lesson using the Book of Mormon he'd taken with him. From what I'm told, he made everyone come sit in a circle and listen to him. Silly kid. Think Ms. Buffy will convert? Ummm, doubtful, but good effort, Beast.

Yesterday, we had the following funny happen with him after I saw Marlene coming up the walk:
Me: Pretty, go see who's at the door!
Pretty: Okay, who is it?
Beast: (fully expecting me to answer in the affirmative) Is it Jesus?!?!?
When he saw that it was Marlene, he hung his head in disappointment and left the room. Weirdo. But I do love him, and I have to say that's pretty great faith to think that Jesus might show up at your front door at any second.

That's All She Wrote
I'm sure there's more fun and excitement that I'm not writing about today. The kids are awfully quiet in the other room, though. That either means they're dead or they're plotting to take over the world. Either way, I should probably check on them. Stay tuned until next time, my friends. There is always more to come...

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