Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just Thank You.

I've been wanting to blog this for a couple of days now, and keep thinking I'd get a picture to go with it. That would require me to get TWO kids to sit still, smile at the camera, and actually leave each other alone for a good ten seconds. Around here, that's a lot to ask. So, the picture will have to come later. It'll be a good one, too. I promise. Besides, the picture won't be nearly as fun as the story anyway.

The other day, I had finally gotten all the kids out of my hair. Number One was at a friend's house, Pretty and the Beast were playing with Miss P. down the street, and the babies were napping. The kids had all been fairly horrific that day, and I think I may have been sitting there feeling a little bit sorry for myself. I don't even really remember what they'd done that was so naughty, but I know they did it. Honestly, I could probably just make something up and it'd be true.

Anyway, Marlene called me and said she was coming by "just because". Something smelled a little fishy about that, but I said okay. Angela had been by earlier that morning and seen the total chaos and withnessed my head exploding when I saw that the Beast had cut up about ten really good books (that part I DO remember). I figured Angela had just told Marlene that she'd have to come by if the children were going to survive the day. About five minutes after her call, in she strolled with a grin like the Cheshire cat. She didn't speak a word for the first little while, but just kept unloading her trunk with bags and bags of stuff.

Upon further inspection, I found that these bags were filled with each and every item off Number One and the Beast's school shopping list. Every single thing they'd need this year was there. And there was more. Each boy had a brand new backpack and lunchbox (the Beast has been sleeping with his ever since and carries a spoon in the lunch box "just in case someone wants to feed me something").

I was stunned. I'd even go so far as to say I was speechless. (I know. Shocking for me, right?) I asked time and time again and in many different ways who had done this for us, and she refused to tell me. All she'd say was "someone who loves you and your family thought this would help".

Help? Help? It is so much more than helping. It was what I needed that particular day. It was just the little reminder I needed to know that I am loved by a Father in Heaven who uses other people just like me to do His bidding. Someone knew that my boys needed those supplies. We had already gotten a good start on getting them, but still had so far to go, especially the back packs and lunch boxes. Whoever that person was also must know how hard it is for me to get out with all the kids and do the shopping. With an oxygen tank in tow, it's just not as simple as all that anymore. Plus, the money we don't have to spend on supplies can now go to getting the Beast the couple of pairs of pants and the desperately needed sneakers he'll require for school to start. To call it a blessing would be an understatement.

We wrote a thank you note right then and there. The Beast signed his own name and put a question mark on the front since we couldn't address it to anyone in particular. I'm sure Marlene will get it to where it needs to go. That said, if you're the one who did this and you happen to read this blog, please know what a special gift you gave to us and those boys. They were both so delighted to know that someone thought of THEM this time. It wasn't just Little Guy or Pretty or Snort. It was the big boys. And they were delighted. And I was touched. And I don't know what to say.

Just. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

you know I cried when you mentioned this before, and I'm crying now. What a huge blessing for y'all!