Monday, September 28, 2009

Cologne Wars

Saturday morning, Number One came in smelling a bit like he'd been trying to be more like his dad. That's right. Cologne. It was painfully obvious that he'd put just a bit too much on his hands before smathering it all over his face. Within an hour or two....or twelve, the smell had died down. The King and I figured we'd seen the last of that little incident. What were we thinking?! These are OUR children.

Several hours later, I walked into the Beast's room. Unfortunately for me, I also opted to breathe in. Gasping for air, I asked him why it smelled should I say this...manly in here? He and Pretty beamed with pride as they both pointed to the completely empty bottle of the King's cologne. You have to understand. This is the same bottle the King has had since before we were married TEN YEARS AGO. And it was still three quarters full. It's not that the King never used it. It's just that very little is required to have a lasting affect. The whole bottle??? Suffice it to say his room smelled like a strip club full of dirty old men. And garlic. (But that's left over from last month's incident).

I opened his window, hosed him down, and made a really stinky dinner in an effort to destink the house. It didn't really work. It's better now, but he still has a lingering "Man Smell" about him. I can only assume his teacher was just delighted with that.

Hopefully next time Number One decides to try out his dad's smell, he'll remember to put the stuff back on the shelf. Hopefully we can prevent any further cologne wars.

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KAT said...

lol! I hate the smell of cologne, so we don't have any in the house. This is so funny though.