Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Beast!

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Today is the Beast's birthday. He's SIX! Six! Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was holding an itty bitty baby boy in my arms and wondering what I was going to do to parent a child with hearing loss. My, have we come far.
We had the Beast's party yesterday because he believed yesterday was his birthday. And we let him believe that. Why? Because today BYU is coming to Cowboys Stadium to play OU and we have tickets. We're taking Number One and going to the game on the Beast's real birthday. I know! World's worst parents, right?
Yesterday when he woke up and realized he got to take cupcakes to school, he was pretty sure it was his birthday. When he looked up at me with those big beautiful brown eyes and freckled cheeks and asked if it was his birthday, I saw an opportunity to reduce my guilt about leaving him. And I took it. "Yes, yes it is your birthday today". "Am I having a party today?" I didn't skip a beat. "Yes, yes you are." "Wahoooo!".
So, I scrambled. I started calling around to see who could come over just for some cake, ran to Sam's and got him a cake and some grapes (He specifically asked for grapes. Silly kid.), cleaned up the house, and made it happen. I did it! I sent the King to the dollar store for some silly little gifts, pulled out the gift bags from Pretty's party (who cares if they're pink with flowers, right?), and happily greeted his friends. Well, the ones who could come.
He was thrilled! He got a cockroach on a string, some glow necklaces, some rubber lizards from Gary (his lizard he caught and played with a couple weeks ago), and a digital camera. The kids was in 7th heaven.
And the best part? I can go to the game today mostly guilt-free. Well, at least until he's old enough to read my blog and realizes what I did. Then, he'll need therapy to get over it. We can just tack that on to all the other stuff his parents have done to cause him to need therapy.

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