Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Great Snowstorm of 2010

Aiden's friend, J, came and played with us for a while, too.

Drezden only got to go out for a few minutes, but he had a blast enjoying the snow with his sister.

Rachel had way too much fun in the cold.

CJ decided he was cold

Aiden's "Giant Snowball"

I've missed a couple weeks of blogging due to chaos at our house. Chaos? I know. Shocking that there would be any kind of craziness in our neck of the woods. Things are usually so ho hum around here, right? Ha!!

At any rate, there is certainly plenty to catch up on. Perhaps the most exciting thing was a visit from Old Man Winter. It wasn't a very long visit, but still enough to leave behind some lasting memories. The kids were so delighted.

The snow started on a Thursday morning, and just kept coming and coming and coming. I could tell the kids would be released early from school, so I ran to WalMart for some boots and gloves for the kids. For some reason, in the middle of February at WalMart you can find a thong bikini and pool accessories, but not snow gear. Go figure. So, I settled for rain boots and some clearance gloves. It was a good choice to buy the gloves, too. We were the only ones on the block with any gloves and ended up outfitting the whole neighborhood. One would think that would make me the coolest mom EVER, but my children say it really doesn't. It just means their friends don't have to wear socks on their hands. Figures.

At any rate, you can see that we got a LOT of snow that day. It turned out to be the snowiest single day in recorded history of our area. That's cool, I guess. It was also a great photo day.


Misty said...

Yes! I'd say you've been busy and that things have been chaotic! Hope everything/everyone is better!

Jess said...

i still think aiden and i had way more fun during the snowstorm of 2003 making our snowman in the front yard....and dnt u have hats for those kids????? come on now, luv u all