Monday, March 1, 2010

Rachel's Practically Perfect Pink Party

The whole group!
There they are again!!
Rachel's cupcake looks like it might need more decorations.

Princess M
Rachel and Princess K
CJ and Princess E, the love of his life.
This might very well be an engagement picture.
Drezden and his fine work of art.

Rachel with Princess E and Princess A making Valentines.
Princess C prefers purple. Princess S and Princess E had great ideas, too!
Aiden and CJ were the proud big brother helpers.
We sure appreciated some extra personal assistants to help with the cupcake decorations.
CJ and his future sister-in-law, Princess S
Purple Princess C
Princess C and a very excited Princess S
Princess A loves her pink nails!!
Rachel has been wanting to have a pink party for months now. She has it in her head that the party MUST happen asap. Her birthday isn't until this summer, so it wasn't like she was "due" for a party. That said, her sweet little princess heart was set on having this party.
We are moving this summer (an entirely different post that is soon to come. I promise.), and we'll more than likely move just a couple weeks before her birthday. Since I knew she's not likely to have a real birthday party, I decided that we could compromise and have a Valentine party. She was satisfied with that, so I started calling all her local princess friends' personal assistants (their moms, but don't tell the princesses. They are convinced that their mothers really are personal assistants just like Rachel is just sure I'm here to be her personal assistant as well).
We let all the princesses know that they should wear their favorite pink ensembles and come prepared for the pinkest party ever. Little princesses can absolutely be counted on to wear the pinkest of the pink everything!!!!

As they arrived, they got to create craft foam Valentines. From there, we moved to having them each select a lovely pink bracelet and then their favorite shade of pink nail polish. We had pink toes, pink fingers, pink carpets, and well...a whole lot pink.

After our pampering was done, we moved to our pink cupcakes. Each guest got some pink frosting and was allowed to decorate her pink cupcake any way she wanted. We also had conversation hearts and pink M&Ms for decorating cupcakes. Lastly, we enjoyed reading "Pinkalicious" while dining on our most delicious cupcakes.
It was the most perfect pink party there ever was!!!

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