Friday, April 30, 2010

Bet Ya' Thought I Was Dead or Something, Right?

Nope! I've been here the whole time. Things have been CRAZY around here. Our house sold, we went to the new place we're moving to and chose a fabulous house, the kids are doing great, and well...that about sums it up, doesn't it?

CJ is doing worlds better at school. He still has a couple of off days, but nothing to really complain about it. It helps that his friend, Jim, motivates him with Dairy Queen ice cream cones dipped in magic shell. He seemed to sort of hit rock bottom and actually ended up making his sweet teacher break down in tears. Poor thing! I felt for her.

Aiden is suddenly quite the little man. He tells me I need to get ready because he's pretty sure he's going to hit puberty soon. He checks his armpits for hair regularly. Apparently he's unaware that hair might grow elsewhere. I'm thinking I'll let him go ahead and get that surprise later.

Rachel grew! I mean, she has really just grown into a beautiful little girl on me. I can't believe how beautiful she has gotten. She reminds me that she's still my girl when she makes little comments like, "Mom, a fart in the tubby and it makes bubbles". She really knows how to warm the heart.

Drezden is talking up a blue streak. His favorite word is, of course, poop. That's how I know he really is my kid. He also uses NO frequently. He has really taken to cuddling up in bed with Aiden to sleep. They're best buddies.

Liam has made leaps and bounds progress!!! HE IS NOT USING OXYGEN ANYMORE!!! The Amazing Dr. Sanchez is as surprised as we are by his progress. He's just doing so great. He still has one test to take at home to be sure his sleeping oxygen levels are safe, but that's about it. He has developed his own little sense of humor and seems to think crawling backwards and chasing my dirt pile around while I sleep is hilarious.

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Blondentropy said...

YAY! So glad you are all ALIVE and WELL!