Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Take the Key and Lock Her Up-Another Apartment Dwelling Update

I'm learning lots of great things living in this little apartment with the kids. One of them is about unlocking doors the children have locked. Basically what I've learned is that it simply can't be done. Ever. The maintanance people have been here so many times to unlock the doors that they'd finally just turned all the knobs around so they lock from the outside. The only one left was the master bedroom.

Liam sleeps in our room and opted to sleep in a lot this morning. Since he was sleeping, I decided to use the time to clean house without him picking through things he didn't belong in. Somehow in the shuffle of things, I locked the bedroom door from the inside, and left the little key thing in there with him. Oops!

Normally calling maintanance to come open the door wouldn't be a big deal. I always feel a little bit stupid, but worse things have happened, right? Well, today was different. I was cleaning in just my underwear. JUST MY UNDERWEAR!!! I was on the phone with my friend, Taffi, when I realized what I'd done. Normally she is one of my most supportive friends, but this time she just laughed at me. Nice. Thanks for the love.

Luckily I remembered that we had some storage clothes in the closet in Aiden's room. I ran and picked through it fast enough to throw some clothes on before the guy got here to open the door...I still wasn't wearing a bra, though. SO humiliating!!!!

So, I'm only mostly embarrassed about it. I got the door unlocked, and the knob is now turned around so that the door won't get locked again. I guess the good news is that maintanance will come quickly if they hear that a baby is locked in a room. The bad news is that you may not always be dressed when they get there.


taffi said...

hey, now! I seem to remember we were BOTH laughing and I was racking my poor brain, trying to come up with ideas of things you could use to pick the lock yourself! LOL Sheesh, that's the thanks I get for trying to help??? Humph!

:giggle: Yeah, I'm still totally laughing at you. ;)

AimeeTheSuperMom said...

Okay, okay, you're right. You did stifle your laughter long enough to come up with some creative ideas to unlock the door.