Saturday, July 10, 2010

Aiden Wrote a Book

I was going through Aiden's things from this past school year and found a book he'd written. I'm going to share it with you word for word including his spelling. I just wish I could also include the illustrations. The title of his book? "P" is for Pelvis

A is for Acromioclavicular is a holder so you don't lose your shoulder.
B is for Bone Marrow. It makes up your bones so we don't look like cones.
C is for coller bone. It holds up your neck if you it causes wreck.
D is for Deltoid muscel. It's a holder for your schoulder.
E is for Excretion. It holds your waste and look likes a bear.
F is for fibromylasia syndrome. It give you fatigue and symtoms.
-cognitive and memory problems
-morning symtoms
G is for Gluteus Maximus. It's a muscel. Another name for it is your butt.
H us fir humerus bone. It makes people laugh when you hit it.
I is for indegestion. It happens when you burp. Idegestion is really helpful.
J is for joint. It helps you bed, so you don't blend.
K is for knee. It's a important joint so you don't just fall.
L is for lucky if your brake your bone.
M is for mouth. It helps you talk. It also hold your tongue.
N is for nostrol. It helps you breath. It contains your bugers.
O is for organs. It helps you digest. There's many types.
P is for pelvis. It's your hip. It's a bone.
Q is for quart size brain. It helps you think.
R is red blood cell. It's your blood. Blood is every where.
S is for shin. It's under your knee. It hurts when you hit it.
T is for toenail. It protects the soft skin under them.
U is uvela. It helps you speak.
V is veins. It carries your blood.
W is for wenis. It's extra skin. It sounds kind of funny.
X is for
Y is for
Z is for

I guess he got tired and didn't finish the last three letters of the alphabet. There you have it, folks. Anatomy and Physiology according to a fourth grader.

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