Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm Practicing Patience

I usually like to write about the funny things that happen in our lives (and trust me when I tell you there are many). Tonight I want to take the time to remember the feelings I have as I'm humbled to realize I need more patience, especially with my precious children.

Sometimes we get caught in the rut of day to day living and schedules so much so that we forget to just enjoy the beautiful young spirits we're blessed with. I think that's what has been happening with me. Byron is busy and often traveling with work leaving me to take care of the kids on my own for a week or so at a time. The kids have school, doctors, specialists, etc. that I need to keep track of. To maintain a sense of control, I have a set schedule.

Tonight I was reminded that the schedule is meaningless unless I make room in it to just love my children. So, I'm practicing patience. This is my new goal. This is my purpose. I will take time every single day to spend quality time with each individual child listening to them share what's on their minds, play a game that interests them, giggle with them, hug them a little longer, and just remember what an amazing treasure each of them is. All this will happen without worry about some self-imposed schedule.

Patience. Forgetting one's schedule in exchange for time to enjoy the amazing blessings in life. That's what I want. It's what I'm going to work on.


Kristin said...

loved your post Aimee :)

Natalie said...

loved reading this. reminds me to do the same. If you can do it with 5, certainly I can carve out time for my one & only Gman.