Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ladies' Man

CJ has always enjoyed flirting. He's good at it, too. REALLY good. I"m pretty sure I'm in really big trouble when he gets older. He's been known to offer up written marriage proposals to two different girls within the same hour. Perhaps he's still confused about the Latter-Day Saint church's stand against plural marriage? Or maybe he's just keeping his options opened? Who knows? This is CJ we're talking about here.

A few months ago, a new young couple happened to move into our ward. They're sweet and fun and CJ noticed that they (ok, he's really focused mostly on the cute wife) just happen to both be rather aesthetically pleasing. The wife has long flowing hair, a flair for fashion, and a beautiful smile. All of these are things CJ ALWAYS notices.

To say that CJ has flirted with her a bit would be being polite. The kid has thrown himself at her repeatedly. Don't worry. She's been loyal to her husband despite his best efforts. He came home and told me he loved her, and the following conversation ensued:
Me: CJ, you should probably know that Kayla is married.
CJ: What?! She can't be.
Me: Yes, it's true.
CJ: (without skipping a beat) Well, how much does she really like her husband?
Me: (stunned that my kid is trying to become a seven year old home wrecker) A LOT!

A few Sundays later, Kayla wore her hair up in a loose bun. CJ must have taken notice of it because the following Sunday she wore it down and he said "Kayla, I'm so glad you've let down your golden hair". (I think he may have watched "Tangled" a few times to many.)

She also has a sense of style he must like because he had this conversation with her as well:
CJ: I like your shirt.
Kayla: Why thank you, CJ.
CJ: (after waiting a few seconds) Aren't you gonna' say you like my shirt?!?

Finally Kayla introduced him to her husband (who she really does like, by the way). He was kind and smiled at him and talked to him. I asked him later what he thought of Josh (the husband)
Me: So, did you meet Josh?
CJ: (curtly) Yes.
Me: Well, what did you think?
CJ: (putting on a stiff upper lip) Yeah. I guess. (Walks away quietly).

What I've failed to mention is that CJ used to have a little crush on a girl his own age. Shocking, I know. We'll call her R. She's the cutest thing this side of the Mississippi, and I could take her home in my pocket in a second. While she doesn't love him back, I think she did kind of like the attention. She came and talked to me at a church function last night, and the conversation had me rolling with laughter.
R: Sister SuperMom?
Me: Hi, R. How are you?
R: I have to tell you something about CJ.
Me: Ok. What's up?
R: He says he doesn't like that Kayla is married.
Me: Yes, I know. He's so silly.
R: I think he loves her.
Me: Really?
R: (crosses her arms and looks sternly at me) He used to love ME. (walks off grumpily)
It was truly all I could do to stifle my laughter.

So there you have it. CJ isn't even eight years old yet, and he's already breaking one of God's top ten rules by scoping out another man's wife. Nice. How is it possible for a kid his age to be such a ladies' man??

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Kayla and Josh said...

Hahah I feel so honored to have my VERY OWN POST! lol C.J. Is So Hilarious!! When he was sitting by me in sacrament meeting he drew a picture and wrote CJ loves you and told me as he was pointing Josh "I don't want you to show him!" lol Josh is getting nervous..he has competition! Hahah