Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mr. Empathy

One of my favorite things about Aiden is that he has a great sense of humor.  The kid is hilarious and never misses a chance to crack a joke.  We won't even talk about how sarcastic he can be sometimes.  I think his sense of humor has served him well in most instances, but sometimes it gets him into a little bit of trouble.  Today could have been one of those "getting in trouble" times, but I think he managed to get by with little or no beatings because he was in church at the time.

Apparently they were in Sharing Time at Primary and were talking about empathy and helping those who are suffering. The teacher was asking the kids to discuss things they could do to help others and gave the example of a friend who's parents have just gotten a divorce (or something like that).  The other children all called out answers like, "I can pray for them." or "I can listen and be their friend if they're sad".  My kid gets called on and says "I can get them a link to".  Very funny, Aiden. Way to show just how sweet and empathetic you can be.

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