Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Transportation Museum

While Liam is at school and I'm forced to kill time with Rachel and Drezden, I usually try to find fun things to do. Some friends from church recommended a local museum all about transportation. I didn't have a ton of time to devote to walking through it, but I wish I did. It was actually more interesting than I expected it to be. While we didn't find Thomas the Tank Engine living there (Thank goodness! He bores me to tears.), we did find lots of his relatives.
U.S. Air Force Fighter Plane. The kids weren't real impressed with this. I thought it was pretty neat.
This was an old dining cart that the museum is working to restore. The kids weren't impressed with this, either.
We spent some time in the "Creation Station".  The lady working there was a little goofy, but seemed very sincere in her love of her job. She made me laugh.  The kids LOVED her, though.
Here is our Creation Station helper. She's VERY into her job.
Don't ask how a veterinary kit has anything to do with a transportation museum. I couldn't tell you, but it was there and Drezden is ready to spay or neuter your pet now.
They waited like real champs to ride the tram that would take them to the train. Who needs Disney Land when there is a transportation museum within 100 miles?
"Mommy, are you sure this tram will take me to the train?"
Bob the Tram Driver took us to the train driven by another driver in an equally cute hat.
Drezden felt that the tram driver had better driving skills than me. What does he know? He's three.

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