Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Special Visit From Texas

This past weekend, we got a special treat that was a big surprise for the kids. Jim and Linda came from TX to spend a whirlwind weekend with our six little monkeys.  It was a much needed visit, especially or CJ who has a special little bond with Jim.  (They tell fart jokes, pick their noses, wear motorcycle shirts, and eat magic shell ice cream together any chance they get.)  We only get to see them once or twice a year, so I made sure I took all the pictures I could because the kids LOVE to look at them over and over and remember the fun they have with Jim and Linda.  

On the first night, the kids got to stay up late and swim at the pool almost until closing AND eat pizza there AND splash Jim.  As you can see from the pictures below, Jim didn't seem to mind much.  

The following day, we took the kids to the science museum where they attempted to pick Abe Lincoln's nose (leave it to Aiden), magnify the inside of their nasal cavities (yes, that's Aiden again), and desperately wanted to see a show at the "climax theater" as CJ calls it. (It's really the IMAX, though.)  We got a really good laugh at that last part because he described the climax theater by telling us it's got a really huge screen and it's all around you and it feels like you're right there.  I do love having a Deaf kiddo because of all the cute stuff he mishears now and then.  He keeps us laughing all the time.

After the museum, we went to Dollar Tree where Jim told each kid they could choose ONE thing from the store. I think he did that for his own pleasure and entertainment. Watching five kids try and choose one thing out of a huge store is like setting them free in the North Pole and telling them they're on the naughty list, but they can still choose any one stocking stuffer they want. They took forever and each found about ten things they just had to have before settling on their final purchases.  And, of course, after Dollar Tree we went to Dairy Queen for a less than nutritious, but completely delicious dinner.

Sunday morning, Jim and Linda had to leave. Mindy was being blessed that afternoon (pictures to come), but they needed to get on the road so they could be home before dark.  The kids always hate the part where Jim and Linda have to say goodbye. I hate that part, too.  Hopefully it wasn't so much of a goodbye as it was a "see you soon". 

A little quality time in the local swimming hole.

CJ built a molecule at the science museum

Aiden climbed into the blood drop and went hunting for the one white blood cell

Jim made Aiden's dreams come true by buying him a ride on the Segway.  The kid is STILL talking about it.

Pictures Sunday morning. Gosh, those kids love Jim and Linda. 

Best friends.

CJ fighting back tears saying goodbye.

CJ hamming it up for the camera

Drezden will love it when I show this picture to his future dates.

Even Mindy was sad to see them go.

This is Drezden's bike helmet. He was sure it was just Jim's size.

Nice tired kids at the end of a day at the science center...not tired enough, though

Liam was totally awe struck by the dinosaurs

Mindy got to spend most of the weekend in Linda's arms. They both liked that.

This giant penny greeted us at the museum. My kids had to immediately pick Abe's nose.

Another lovely photo for future girlfriends to enjoy

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And Linda and I had an awesome time as well!