Sunday, July 15, 2012

Next Time I'll Just Get a Pizza

I got a ton of errands done yesterday. Drezden's DSi is in for repairs finally, the groceries are shopped, Aiden's supplies for camp are all organized and purchased, and the constant army of itty bitty ants in my kitchen by the window are all but eradicated.  These are all wonderful things, but they come at a cost. Time.  By the time I was done with it all, it was nearly 8:00 and I still hadn't gotten dinner started...or thought of for that matter.

I was still at the dreaded Wal-Mart, so I called Byron and told him I'd just get something there to bring home. We decided to settle on the dried up pieces of bony cardboard that WalMart likes to refer to as fried chicken.  I could also get some popcorn chicken there, which the kids love.

As I approached the deli area, the lady came out and I let her know I wanted fried chicken. I wanted two orders of 8 pieces. Those are $6.88 a piece.  She pointed to her deli case and said she was almost out, but I could go look on the warming rack by the registers.  I went to the warming rack and it was totally empty so I returned to the counter resigned to the idea that I'd just take what she had left.  I waited. And waited. And waited.  I tried getting her attention, but those little plastic hats they make them wear must have been blocking her hearing or something.  Finally, she spotted me doing virtual jumping jacks and flailing my arms around like crazy and came over to assist me.

I told her I'd just take what was left of her chicken. I knew Mindy was hungry and waiting for me at home and Liam, who was with me, was exhausted and starting to melt into a puddle of whine and tears.  Really, I just wanted to get what I needed and get out of there.

At a snail's pace, she made the first package of 8 pieces.  Then, she put the left over pieces into the next box and walked over to the little machine that makes price tags before handing me both boxes and starting on my order of popcorn chicken.  I looked at the tags and was a bit...surprised?  The first box said $6.88 for 8 pieces. That was correct.  On the second box, she charged me $3 for 3 drumsticks and $4 for 4 of whatever the last few pieces were. They were broken and not really identifiable.  I got her attention and asked, "Did you just charge me $7 for 7 pieces when I could get 8 for $6.88?"
 "Well, I had to count each piece and you don't have enough in that box to get 8 pieces. You only have 7."
"Okay, but it's only $6.88 for 8 pieces and you just charged me more to buy only 7.  Can't you just charge me for 8 pieces and make it cheaper?".
 "No, ma'am."
"Because you don't have 8 pieces. You have 7."
"Yes, I know that, but I did order 8. YOU just didn't have it."
"Okay, I'll just take this package that has 8 pieces and not the one that has 7".
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, I'm very sure."

I'm glad I got the popcorn chicken.  No one would even eat the fried chicken. It was paper dry on the inside and horribly greasy on the outside.  Next time I'll just pick up a Little Caesar's pizza. They always have all 8 pieces in their pies and they're just five bucks.

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Thanks for the laugh.