Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Mindy Cycle

Mindy is my sixth baby, so not much should surprise me, but somehow I'm still stupidly shocked every time she does total normal and typical baby stuff. Maybe that's because I've never had a completely "typical" baby before.  Her latest trick is a bit of a cycle, so I call it The Mindy Cycle.

She pulls herself to standing with the help of furniture and then proudly cruises along the furniture until she suddenly realizes that she doesn't quite know how to go back to a seated or kneeling position. This realization frightens her so she starts to cry. I come to her and pick her up, which consoles her, but she's too upset to be put down right away.  I decide to hold her a little bit longer at which point she falls asleep. Knowing she'll sleep better in her own bed and wanting to get things done, I go ahead and move her to her bed. Moving to her bed wakes her up and she decides she should stand up with the help of the sides of her bed.  This leads to cruising along which reminds her that she doesn't quite know how to get back to a crawling or sitting position which frightens her and makes her cry...

The Mindy Cycle.  Good thing she's so stinking cute.

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