Friday, March 15, 2013

Goin' to the Park

We had absolutely spectacular weather today. I mean truly AMAZING weather. It got up into the 70's, which I would normally consider chilly, but it was a welcome change from the biting cold and winds we've been having.  With weather this amazing, I could not allow the kids to just sit inside all day. I knew we needed a trip to the park. I got a text from Raelyn's mom, Jeanette, asking if we wanted to go to a local playground, so I decided that's where I would go when they all got home from school.

Mindy was napping and Aiden had a big homework assignment due, so I decided to let him watch her while I took all the others.  Given that we now drive a HUGE 12 passenger van and I had a little extra room, I told some local cuties that they could come along as well. The park is always more fun without friends to enjoy it with, right?  Being the genius that I am, I thought ahead and remembered the camera. Here are some fun pictures from today:

CJ playing with cute Raelyn

Drezden the Monkey

Some of the girls making beautiful music

Someday they will more than likely have a very noisy rock band.

Drez spent lots of time hanging around the park.

Rachel is my forever ham, as you can clearly see

Who knew so many kids could fit on one tire swing???

Liam loved climbing up the ship.

Argh, Matey!

So proud to have climbed it himself!

Crossing the rocking bridge. I never thought I'd see the day he could do this.

This picture makes me giggle because the angle makes it look like Liam is getting a naughty view. Not to worry. He  is NOT!




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Kate Sherwood said...

Great fun photos. Best way to spend a beautiful day!