Thursday, July 17, 2008

6 Documented Cases...Well, Make That 7

The Lord, in His great wisdom, has consistantly shown His sense of humor through the children He gives me. They all come with some kind of weird quirk. Number One has had eczema and food allergies since birth. We won't talk about the Beast. He wouldn't hear us anyway. Pretty couldn't break down anti-biotics, so they ate away at her gut causing her to need special formula as a baby. She got over that, and now her only quirk is deviousness. And then there's Snort. He is awfully young to have glasses. But, he's not the first baby to wear glasses, so it's no biggie, right? That's what we thought anyway. Just consider it one more joke the Lord is playing on us.

Today, the joke went one step further. I took Snort for his three month vision check-up. He's had his glasses for a couple of months now, and the dr. wants to monitor him to see how he's doing. I wasn't surprised that he wanted to see Snort every three months because I remember him mentioning in passing that it was pretty unusual to see a baby as young as he was with his kind of vision troubles. That didn't surprise me, though. Did you read the first paragraph about the "quirks" my kids come with??? Yeah, not surprising that Snort would have something a little unusual, too.

Anyway, so the dr. did the exam and confirmed that his vision has a problem that would be corrected with lenses and not surgery (YAY!!!!). When he was done with the exam, he said he'd be taking some pictures. Okay, that's fine. Lots of dr's keep pictures of their patients on file. In he comes with his camera and starts snapping away. He took pictures with glasses on, glasses off, even pictures of his file. I still sat there, and didn't think much of it. That's when the dr. hit me with the following statement: "I'm taking all these pictures because the vision troubles your baby has has only been documented in six other cases. We see it frequently in children over 2 1/2, but never this young".

You read that right, people. Once again, the Lord has hit me with a quirky kid. Only this time, he's so quirky that there is almost no one on the planet like him. Nice. Very nice. We're starting to call him Double Eye Seven. (Get it? He's the seventh documented case.)

*Sigh* I can only imagine what the baby I'm carrying will bring us. Maybe s/he will usher in the return of the Bubonic Plague.


Bilary said...

Oh Aimee. You are an amazing mom. Seriously, amazing. I watch the things you say and do with your kids and I admire you so much. Your sense of humor is amazing, and you know that if you ever need an "out" or to talk to someone you can always call.

AimeeTheSuperMom said...

Awwww, gee. Thanks. I'm blushing now. I heart you!