Sunday, September 28, 2008

All the Fun You Haven't Heard About

I've been so busy being a Supermom and taking on the world on behalf of my children that I've neglected to be the usual sarcastic picture posting mom ya'll are so used to hearing from. Never fear. I'm back to my old self least for now.

Shockingly, we have had a LOT of fun things go on in the last few weeks. Some of it will only seem funny to me because, of course, I'm the only one crazy enough to live through these things and actually admit it to the rest of the world. Anyway, onto the updates.

The Beast Turned Five!!!
In the first week of the month, my little man turned one year older. We told him he could have any kind of party he wanted, except a poop party. We reserve those for more important birthdays, like sweet sixteens. Anyway, he was determined that he just had to have a rock party. He LOVES rocks!!! So, rocks it was. Everyone brought a rock and we made pet rocks. We were going to roll them down the slides at the park and call it rock and roll. But we ran out of time. Some kids did put star stickers on their rocks and called them rock stars.

All in all, I'd say it was a GREAT party! He was pleased to have all of his friends there to celebrate with him, and I was pleased at the cost. I mean, seriously, rocks are FREE. All I had to pay for was the cake and stuff to decorate the rocks. Here are a few fun pics to show how much fun we had.

Number One Has Started Football

He is by far and away the smallest kid on the team. I just wish I could show you a line-up of all the kids on his team next to him. But, I have to admit that Number One has a huge spirit and a lot of spunk. He attempts to tackle even the one kid who is literally three times his size.

He doesn't get a whole lot of play time because he is the smallest and one of the slowest. Plus, he's a little unsure of where to go on the field. We have a missionary here who plays college ball and has been spending some time working with him on his off days. Number One thinks it's so cool that a "real college ball player is hanging out with him". It's pretty cute watching them play together.

I don't have any pictures of him in his full uniform, but here are a couple of him in his practice stuff. He's got so much padding that I'm not even sure you can tell there's a real live kid under there. Of course, his most favorite part of the uniform is the part you can't even see-his cup. The first time he put it on, he said, "Hey Beast! Kick me in the balls." Luckily the Beast had no clue what he was talking about and went looking for a soccer ball to kick. *sigh* I still have so much work to do to turn these boys into civilized members of society.

The Beast is Playing Soccer
What can I say about four and five year old soccer? It's hilarious to begin with. Then, you add in the little Deaf kid, and everyone on the sidelines is just rolling with laughter. He tries so hard, but he is pretty oblivious to what is going on most of the time. Eh, who cares really? They're all so little and just think they're so cool out there in their little uniforms chasing the ball.

Most of the time, the Beast is just trying to remember which end of the field he's supposed to be kicking at...and half the time he's still wrong. Then there's the distraction of rocks. Who knew there were so many rocks on a soccer field for my kid to discover in the middle of a game? Well, for those who didn't know, there are plenty.

So, he's out there hunting rocks and occasionally notices that he's in the middle of the game and jumps in. He may get a kick or two (not necessarily in the right direction), and then has to come running over and tell us about it...while the game is still going on. And, heaven forbid friends come to watch him. He has to stop the whole game to tell the referee that his friend is here to see him. One thing I can say for sure, though, is that he has no lack of enthusiasm.

Snort is Mobile
Honestly, I don't know that this is such a good thing. We've been trying for months to get the kid just to roll over. Then, all of a sudden, he does it and decides he needs to move on to greener pastures. All in one day this week, he learned to crawl, climb up to standing position using furniture, and get out of his bed.

He now has a new bed and is rooming with Number One. Number One says Snort snores (apparently he hasn't listened to himself lately), but is still a better roomie than the Beast was. Honestly, I don't know one way or the other. Regardless, Snort doesn't seem to mind having a new room. I think he likes that he gets more attention, and there's a lot more to look at in Number One's room.

Now that he's crawling, I have to actually keep the floors clean. To get around that, I put up the super gate. He has his own safe place to play, and I buy another couple of days before I have to scrub the floors. It also makes it so Pretty cant' get to him as easily. She's not fond of this. She was rather content to be able to sit on his head whenever she wanted. Yeah, she's a real gem.

In other news, Snort is no longer aspirating on his reflux!!!! So, we can stop thickening his formula, which should help his weight even out a little bit. Now if we can just get him to eat some food, we'd be doing well. It's not like he's wasting away or anything. Have you seen him lately? That kid is not missing any meals.

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty
She's the same sweet little darling she was last time I posted anything about her. She's always got something up her sleeve, and delights in torturing her brother. I suppose that's what happens when brothers is all you've got.

She loves wearing Number One's football helmet and carrying his ball. I have tried making her into a delicate little princess. She's not having it. So, instead I'll enjoy the bundle of fun and energy that I've got.

We're working with her on learning some new words, and she's really coming along nicely. Thanks to her brothers, she can say poop very nicely and prides herself on letting me know when anyone in the house poops. Such a lady, isn't she?

So, that's the news from our neck of the woods. There isn't much more to tell. Well, maybe there is, but not much more I'm willing to admit to. We look forward to the Beast going back to school tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that all goes well there.

As for me, I'll just be doing all the Supermom things that I always do, like washing dishes, scrubbing floors, changing diapers, sending classroom snacks to school, and attempting to grocery shop without getting arrested for my children's indecent exposure.


KAT said...

Happy birthday CJ! You guys have so many exciting things going on. I love watching little kids play ball. So cute.

Rachelle said...

Your kids are stinking cute!

Buffy said...

Hey supermom!! How was today??? Fill me in!!

Anonymous said...

what a great update!!