Monday, September 29, 2008

Yay for Little Miracles!

I'm so happy to report good updates on the Beast's school situation. I took him back to school today for the first time since we pulled him out. His teacher is back of maternity leave. He did not want to go. At all. All the way there, he gave me reasons he shouldn't go. (Some were really creative). I reminded him that there would be cutting and gluing today, and that excited him.

He got very quiet when we pulled up. He was relieved to see the aid from his old special ed. classroom in the parking lot, and she waved to him and told him how glad she was to see him. That helped!!!

Finally, I got him to the classroom where he was greeted by his teacher, the principal, and some other people. I didn't see the aid that he butts heads with anywhere. I think she was inside the classroom. I hugged him and told him I loved him, and sent him on his way. (I also reminded the teacher and the principal to send him to his special ed. teachers from last year if he needed a break. To him, those women are his "safe place").

Anyway, he came off the bus, and dh asked him how his day went. His reply:

"I ate hotdogs with brown beans. I don't like brown beans. I also had fruit that you need a spoon for. I saw my friends. And guess what? Mrs. Turbyfill loves me!"

He told me several times and then told our family friends over dinner that "Mrs. Turbyfill loves me". I'm so relieved that his teacher is off leave and that she's making such a great effort at helping him feel loved.

So much of this success today is because of all your thoughts and prayers in his behalf. THANK YOU!!!!


Anonymous said...

That is fantastic!! I'm so thrilled for both of you :) YAY for wonderful, caring teachers.

Buffy said...

YEA!! That is such good news!! I'm glad!! I'm sad for us...that we are not honored with his presence, but I am so happy for him and for YOU!! Love ya!