Sunday, September 21, 2008

And I Wonder Why They're Always Telling Toilet Joke

The following conversation occurred in the less than five minute drive to church this morning. You have to read it out loud to yourself to really find the same humor the King and I did.

Number One was bugging his brother.

Me: Number One, do you need to lose some privileges this week?
NO: Like what will I lose out on?
Me: Well, for starters, it's open house at your school this week.
NO: No! I can't miss that. I have to show you the brochure I've been doing on Uranus!
King and Me: Bwahahahahaaha!!!!!

And, somehow, we're still baffled as to how it is that our children so enjoy toilet humor.

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~e said...

I've been finding more and more potty jokes. Thanks for influencing me. :)

I tagged you on my blog- come play along!