Tuesday, October 7, 2008

And We've Discovered Human Food

Snort has had a lot of trouble with eating. With his reflux, he had to have weighted feeds for a long time, which meant adding rice cereal to his formula. He gags when you offer him real food (and, no, it's not my cooking. It's baby food.) until he throws up. On top of that, we spent months with keeping him upright and unable to move so the reflux would stay under control, but then he fell behind with gross motor stuff. So, I basically had a little sumo wrestler on my hands. A big fat adorable guy in a diaper.

I decided to have ECI get him a nutritionist who came in to observe him. We did some testing and know that it's not anything wrong with his ability to swallow without throwing up. It's a sensory problem. Oddly, he likes to eat shoes, paper, and pencils. Apparently he thought he'd be born a puppy and never got the memo that he is, indeed, a human baby. I'd tell him, but I hate to burst his bubble.

Anyway, she decided that he needed things he could chew, that had mild flavors, and that would dissolve in his mouth or that he couldn't bite off in the first place. Her suggestions: Puffed Cheetoes, mild beef jerky, and baby biter bisuits. The King was jealous. No nutritionist has ever suggested those things to him before.

It worked!!!!! He LOVED them. We've even moved on to really thrilling things like animal crackers. I know. Real thrill seekers here. I took a bunch a pictures, but didn't realize how cute they were until I looked at them this morning. I just had to share. (I think the fact that he's totally cross-eyed without his glasses just adds to the cuteness of it all.)

Hmmm...Let me just check this stuff out.

Yeah, this thing is edible.

Wait! What do we have here?


Seriously, I'm in LOVE!!!


Anonymous said...

YAY!! He is precious!!

Rachelle said...

That kid is adorable. Bring him to Easton. He'll teach him how to eat real food.