Thursday, October 9, 2008

So Glad His Priorities Are Straight

Number One has been having fire safety week at school. For homework, he had to make an emergency escape plan. We live in a one-story with LOTS of windows, so it was an easy thing to do. This is conversation we had:
Me: Number One, when you're escaping in a fire, can you think of anything in your room you should take with you?
Him: My cleats?
Me: No! Think again.
Him: My football cup? (referring to his favorite athletic supporter)
Me: No, something that can't be replaced with money. Think about it.
Him: (after thinking so hard you could see smoke coming out his ears) Should I go out and get the dogs?
Me: NO! Seriously, Number One, you can't think of ONE thing in your room that really should go with you???
Him: What??
Me: SNORT!!! If you have to escape in a fire, you take him with you if you can!!!
Him: (Sighs in frustration) He's really heavy, Mom!

*Sigh* I'm so glad he's got his priorities straight.


Anonymous said...

ROFL!!! Your kids rock!!

Rachelle said...

I bust a gut reading that one!

queen~e said...

bwahahahahaha!!! *gasping* hahahahaaha

Kristin said...

I love little boys. :)

Anonymous said...

wow i luv that kid....