Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Want Some Cheap Entertainment? Invite the Missionaries Over.

Every now and then, a particularly good set of missionaries will come through. It's not that they are necessarily spiritual giants, but it's more a matter of them just really being able to "get" the people in their area. That's what kind of guys we have here right now. Actually, the past couple of sets have been pretty good.

These guys are awesome because they don't take themselves too seriously. They always stay well within the missionary "rules" and always leave with some sort of spiritual message, but they're FUN. My kids want to grow up to be missionaries because they really enjoy the ones who are here now. They set great examples for my boys.

Don't think for one second that there's anything typical about coming to our house for the missionaries. Honestly, I think they come here for the cheap entertainment and easy laughs. That's okay. We have them over for the cheap entertainment and easy laughs, so I guess you could say it's a trade-off. Since these guys have been here, all of the following things have happened:

*The Beast joined them at the dinner table with absolutely nothing on his bottom half.

*Number One has used the word "crap" at least 5 times.

*Number One has demonstrated the art of hand farting...at the dinner table.

*Pretty has launched her dinner far enough to land on a missionary's clothes.

*Snort has displayed the art of explosive pooping.

*Sword fights using foam swords have ensued on countless occasions.

*A simple family prayer followed by a spiritual thought has morphed into a three-ring circus.

*Number One has learned to play Marco Polo with a towel over his head. I'm not sure how he could breathe during that one.

There has been more. For therapeutic reasons, I try to put it out of my memory. My children's antics will be the death of me one of these days. Anyway, these are great guys. They have been real troopers in putting up with my kids. I'm hoping that coming to my house has in some way been a form of birth control for them later. I'm not counting on it, though. These guys are gluttons for punishment, which I can only assume is the reason they keep coming back.

Traditionally, when a missionary gets transferred, we take them to Chili's for molten chocolate cake. Elder McDaniels is moving on today, so he should have had his Chili's last night. Well, the truth is money is tight right now. So, I made my own moltens at the house and we had them over. I have to say it was waaaaaay more fun, and my baking skills are freaking GOOD!

Here are a lot of pictures from the grand event.

Enjoying a most delicious home-made version of molten chocolate cake.

Number One demonstrates his well-developed hand farting skills. The missionaries' laughter just encourages this great behavior.

They all are very good at showing some level of interest while my children talk their ears off.

Pretty felt the need to take on the roll of family dog while she attacked Elder McDaniel's feet under the table.

Elder Barnes is just sure it's so funny to watch my kid wander around blindly trying to catch him. Well, he's right. It's hilarious to watch. How does the kid breathe, though?

We stripped Pretty's clothes before giving her ice cream. Later, she wanted to climb all over the missionaries. They freak out when kids try to sit in their laps, by the way. It's funny to watch.

Pretty managed to launch her ice cream onto Elder McNamara's pant leg. Classy.

Elders McDaniel and McNamara thought they'd be safe inside the supergate. Man were they wrong. That just maded them easier targets.

Another proud Marco Polo moment.

Some lovely family pics. taken by Elder Barnes.

Elder McDaniels waving good-bye. He gets transferred today. Hopefully someone will warn the new guy about us before he comes over for his first visit.

All joking aside, these are great missionaries. As the mother of many boys, I have to say that their own mothers should be proud.


Sonja said...

Wow it sounds like an adventure for the missionaries. My kids offer a similar form of cheap entertainment, what is it about missionaries that just brings that behavior out? Maybe it's because the missionaries are little boys at heart and kids must sense that.

Great pictures! I'm giggling at Number One's hand farts.

Anonymous said...

you rock!! That is awesome. Did you give your blog link to the Elders so they can send it to their moms?

AimeeTheSuperMom said...

I e-mailed their moms personally. :)

Buffy said...

You seriously need to try out for America's Funniest Mom. You crack me up. Do you think that CJ will grow up to be a missionary?

AimeeTheSuperMom said...

If I do my job right, all my boys will grow up to choose to serve a mission.

Bilary said...

I loved this post! The part about the missionaries freaking out when kids try to sit on their laps is so true! Whenever I talk to my brother, he talks about missing being able to hold my kids and have pillow fights with them, etc. I love that your kids love the missionaries and that the missionaries love your kids right back. That was the funnest post I have seen in a long time. LOVED IT! Thank you!

Bela said...

Too funny, Aimee! and hey, hand farting is not the worst it acn get!