Friday, August 20, 2010

We've Added Another Family Member

We had to let go of our other dogs before moving here. Miztur Biggz, our chihuahua, was adopted by a lady who had six other female chihuahuas. They all sleep in her bed. We told her that he is used to being outside and slept in his cage at night. She said that he would instead be sleeping in bed with her and the other dogs. So, he was a happy dog to say the least. Talk about luck! He just moved in with six little concubines.

Tino must have just gotten really old because he suddenly started snapping at and biting the kiddos. As much as we loved him, we just couldn't have that. I took him to the shelter in hopes that he'd be adopted by someone who could love him. I honestly don't think that's what happened to him, but it makes me feel better to hope it did. He was such a great dog until he got old and senile.

Anyway, we all wanted another dog. I told the kids we'd work on it after we got into our house. Now that we're here, I wanted it as much as they did. We went to the shelter a couple of times and didn't find just the right one. Then we met Molly. She's nothing like what I thought we were looking for, and she's just perfect!!

Molly is seven years old, and has lived with the same family her whole life. It seems her family lost their home and couldn't take her with them to their new apartment. She just looked so sad and lonely in that cage. We fell in love. She's housebroken (very important since even some of my children are not yet housebroken!), doesn't bark, won't jump on furniture, and loves to be loved.

I think she's still missing her old family, but hopefully she'll warm up to us. The kids adore her. Rachel likes to introduce her to any and every single person we meet. She is very proud of her dog. Drezden likes to hug her, and wait for her to kiss him. Liam likes to dump her food out. Luckily, Molly really doesn't mind having her food dumped. CJ just talks to her. Finally, someone who isn't annoyed by his constant talking!!!! Aiden is pretty sure he needs to take her everywhere he goes. I generally say no. Until I'm sure she knows how to get back home, she won't be going far without me.

So, there you go. We have a new family member that didn't have to grow inside me for nine months. I love that idea!!!

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