Saturday, January 1, 2011

Well, It's a New Year

Happy New Year, world! I'm not really all that sure it's going to be all that different from 2010, but it does somehow feel really exciting to know it's a new year. There are some things I think will be just like last year, and others that I think will change. If I had to guess what would still be the same, those things would be:

1. My boys will still not be able to aim when they pee. At all.
2. Rachel will still be terrorizing the boys by stealing their toys and running off with them and screaming bloody murder when the boys catch up to her.
3. Aiden will continue to practice his sarcasm on CJ, and CJ will continue to be completely confused by it.
4. CJ will still be finding every opportunity possible to turn anything he can into an art form. He will cut papers into small papers, and then staple said papers together to form a book. He will then walk around to anyone he can find trying to get them to sign his book or draw something in it.
5. Drezden will continue to get constant compliments on how adorable he is with those big dimples, glasses, and out of control spiky hair.
6. Liam will maintain his destructive reign of terror and do so with a smile.
7. Byron will still be traveling a lot for work and will continue spending lots of time obsessing over how to get the most frequent flyer miles and perks.
8. I will still be the family maid walking around cleaning the same messes over and over and over and over and over and...well, you get the idea.
9. As for Mouse and Molly? Well, how much can a cat and dog that are both already adults change anyway? Mouse will still be sleeping in my bed all day and hiding from everything including her own shadow, and Molly will still be following the kids around hoping they drop some table scraps for her.

Even with all those things that will probably not change, there are a lot of things that I'm looking forward to and hoping will change a little bit. It's not that I don't love things the way that they are, but we all have to move forward and change in order to progress in life, right? Some of the things I'm pretty sure will change this year are:

1. The boys may not be able to aim when they pee, but they will be able to use a Lysol wipe to clean up their spills.
2. Aiden will become more and more independent as he explores his talents, makes more and more friends, and no longer needs to pick on CJ to feel good about himself. I'm already watching a lot of this happen right before my eyes.
3. CJ will find a way to help others appreciate his art with him, and will make bonds with new friends. Friendshipping with peers his own age is such a challenge for him, and I'm really hoping to see him make little breakthroughs here and there.
4. Rachel will start Kindergarten this year, and start to find her niche outside of picking on her brothers.
5. Drezden, who is now in pre-school, will start to develop a better sense of language and involvement in activities designed for his age and people will start to see that there is a great little personality behind those dimples, glasses, and out of control hair.
6. Liam is going to have a huge language explosion. I can just feel it. We have been working with to create a good and strong learning environment here at home. Finally, he's progressing. I can't wait to get into his little head and allow him to share what he's thinking.
7. Byron's travels will show him just how much he can do and just how strong he really is. Also, his dedication to weight watchers will result in a much smaller hubby by this time next year. While I love having more of him to love, I'm glad to know that he's dedicated himself to becoming healthier so he can be with us longer. I intend to celebrate our 100th anniversary together. (Hey! It could happen. Medical technology is coming up with weirder things than that!)
8. I will have the children trained to pick up at least some of their messes and take their chores more seriously. Okay, so this one will take a lot of work, but a girl can dream.

For now, I'm just going to try and enjoy today for what it is: a cleaning day and time to spend with my kidlets. Despite our challenges, heart breaks, and incredible frustrations, I feel completely blessed to have life just the way it is. We have daily laughter, new adventures on a constant basis, and of course we are NEVER bored.

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