Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow Day

On Monday night, we got a pretty good snow storm. It wasn't the 5-8 inches we'd expected, but it was certainly enough to sled on. Remembering that my children have only lived in Texas their whole lives, the first sledding trip was a pretty momentous occasion. It's a good thing, too, because it takes a really long time to get five kids dressed appropriately to be able to go sledding. Snowpants, jackets, hats, mittens, gloves, scarves, and boots take long enough to put on one kid, but dressing five seemed a bit like an endless task.

I'd made a little bet with Kassidi about whether or not there would be school that day. If she won and there was school, I'd owe her a Dr. Pepper after school. If I won and there was no school, she'd get to come play with us for an hour. She must have been feeling generous because she stayed almost the whole day. She helped dress the kids and drag them and their sleds down the street to the "super cool sledding hill".

CJ was a bit nervous, but quickly got over that after his first trip down the hill. Liam, Drezden, and Rachel were just itching to go the second we got there. Liam was so bundled up that he couldn't move much (think Randy from "A Christmas Story"), so he required a little extra help. I put him on the sled to drag him back up the hill, which he enjoyed until I pulled a little too hard and he tipped over face down in the snow. Given the fact that he couldn't move much, I think he was pretty glad when I finally plucked him from the snow.

Drezden was delighted with the whole experience until his mitten flew off and he realized that the snow is indeed cold. From that moment on, he cried until we got him home and his little hands warmed up. Besides that little glitch, I'm pretty sure sledding might be his new favorite sport.

Rachel and Aiden were absolute dare devils. I might be in trouble with Miss Rachel as she gets bigger. Nothing scares her, so I can only imagine the wild and crazy adventures we'll be having with her.

I got pretty much no housework done that day, but I did hear lots of giggles with delight. I'd planned ahead and prepared for a snow day, so I had donuts and hot cocoa on hand as well as a few other fun things to do.

Overall, it was a great day. That said, I'm not sure I'd want every day to be a snow day.

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The Foisters said...

Hey Aimee! I am so excited to hear from you again! Your family looks terrific! I would love your email so we don't loose each other again. Mine is wesley dot anna at foister dot net, if you can read it. I would love to see our other teacher-friends' families also!
How are you Aimee! I have thought of you a million times and I am sooo very happy to see you as a super mom! I haven't made it up to that point but I love being a mother for sure. I can't leave a whole blog worth of a comment so write me and I'll write you back! Thanks so much for responding Anna (Flake)Foister