Friday, May 16, 2008

A Scene From My Sit-Com Life

It seems that my life is one constant sit-com. Really the only difference between my life and a sit-com is that I don't have the benefit of commercial breaks or re-takes. Just like a tv show, some of the things that go on in my house are perfectly predictable. For example, I can ALWAYS guarantee something embarrassing is going to happen involving poop if I take all of my children to Target together. I can also stand assured that I will get knocked up if I make fun of someone else who got pregnant unexpectedly. (That's my excuse this time, by the way).

Also like a television show, there are scenes in my daily life that are anything but predictable. The day the Beast put Pretty out in the snow because she was "buggin' me" came as a bit of surprise. Another lovely unexpected twist was the day the Beast locked me out of the house when Pretty was just days old. I'd gone to take out the trash and he saw an opportunity. I wasn't scarred for life by that incident or anything...well, that's what I keep telling myself.

The scene that I'm posting here today seems to include a little bit of surprise, and at the same time, shouldn't be surprising at all. From the laundry argument in the background to the look of innocence on Pretty's face, to Number One's big announcement in the end, all the way down to the look of confusion on Snort's face, none of this should be at all alarming. This is all a typical day in our house. It just so happened that the King found the camera on this particular day. *Sigh*. Enjoy the show.


DesertFlip said...

"I witnessed her!" I love it.

That was freakin' hilarious!!!!

You know what's funnier is the screaming children in the background and dad only focusing on videotaping.

Goat Girl said...

You are so cool. Wanna be my neighbor?

And in case you aren't having enough fun, I tagged you.