Friday, May 23, 2008

Snort's New Eyes

So, we've noticed in the past few months that Snort's eyes tend to cross. A lot. At first we thought it was just an endearing quality, you know like hiding poop in a sock drawer. Then, like the sock drawer poop, we thought we should look into it and see if there was something we could do about it.

We took him to a specialist about an hour away (because, honestly, it's a challenge to find an eye doctor for someone only five months old). Low and behold, the kid is EXTREMELY far-sighted. I mean REALLY far-sighted. The doctor said it would get better with time, but he'd need glasses so no permanent damage would be done to his eye muscles. Okay, great!

We went straight over and ordered the new glasses three weeks ago. Today they finally came. I just about skipped from the mailbox when I was bringing them in. Surely he'd be beyond THRILLED to see me and my beautiful Mommy face, right? Wrong. Dead wrong.

He thinks he's entered some twisted infant version of The Twilight Zone. They bug him, so he tries to rub his eyes. That leaves marks on them so he can't see. So, he tries to rub his eyes to see better. Anyone else seeing a pattern here?

Just like the Beast's hearing aids, it's going to take some time to get used to. Until then, though, Snort was kind enough to humor me and let me get some pics of him in his fancy new specs. He does look very smart in them, if I say so myself.

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~V~ said...

How beautiful is he!!!