Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Speed Bump, A Burp, and a Trip to Target

So, it's been a long weekend with much to report. Truthfully, there's always much to report, but most of it is only interesting to me or is too humiliating to share. Those who have been following this blog know what I'm talking about.

We spent the weekend at our state School for the Deaf. I was presenting on ECI services for other parents, which is always a fun thing for me. I could talk about ECI, Deaf ed., parent advocacy, and all that stuff for days and days on end. Again, I'm the only one who thinks it's at all interesting.

While the King and I were doing our things, the kids were in classes of their own doing art, eating play dough, stringing beads, and doing their best to make sure everyone knew we were the parents of "those kids". You know the ones: That one family who seems to have allowed their children to be raised by wolves. Yep, those are my little angels. I'm so proud. Anyway, Number One got to attend a Sibshop. It's a workshop all weekend long for hearing kids who have Deaf siblings. It's a great workshop and I was SO excited for him to be a part of it. My friend, Diana, was facilitating his group, so I knew he would be in great hands. At the end of the weekend, though, Diana and a few others came up to me just rolling with laughter (and a little bit of awe) at what Number One had come up with.

His group named themselves the Hot Rods and were told to create something having to do with their team name. Most of them drew pictures of really fast and super cool race cars. I think one kid made a headband. Number One, however, decided to create something different. Diana came up and asked him what he was doing. "I don't wanna' be a hotrod." "Well, what are you going to be then?" "I'll tell you when I'm done". Here is a picture of what he created. Number One is the second from the left. Can you tell what he is?

Yep, he was the group's self-proclaimed speed bump. I'm so proud. I do have to give the kid credit for creativity. Who comes up with stuff like that???

The Beast gave us a quite a laugh, too. He tends to miss certain parts of speech here and there, and while I shouldn't laugh, it does lead to some really funny conversation. There was the one time he was devastated because I told him we were going to a parade in Denison and he thought he was going to play at the dentist. He LOVES going to the dentist, and was very disappointed to arrive at the parade instead. His most recent hearing mishap happened when he burped. Instead of saying excuse me, he yelled out "Excuse me. I farted in my mouth". I guess we just hadn't taught him the right words for that yet. You gotta' love him, though. Just look how sweet the kid looks in this pic. of him making Gak at a local carnival. Remember, though: he just LOOKS sweet and unassuming. In reality, he has been raised by wolves.

And we can't forget Pretty. Sweet Pretty. What can I say about her? She has been up to her usual antics lately. The other day she managed to drop the toy box on her face giving herself a lovely scrape all down the side along with a black eye. In that same day, she removed the Beast's processor and disassembled it for him. While he was crying over that, she hit him in the face with her binky giving him a bloody nose for a good thirty minutes. Then, in case her day hadn't been busy enough, she decided to bop Snort on the head just to be sure he was awake. He wasn't. And he cried...a lot.

We also took her to Target with the whole family for family night last night. Do we not all know what happens when I take all my children to Target? Need I remind you? Suffice it to say this was no different. Pretty took this trip as an opportunity to dig in her diaper and pull out a lovely treasure which then got stuck under her nails. See what I mean? Raised by wolves, I tell you.

As for Snort, he's his usual sweet self. What more can I say? The wolves haven't come to take him home with them yet.

And, just for your viewing pleasure, here are some pics to help explain why I still willingly admit that all these little heathens are mine.


Anonymous said...

that's ok no matter how many times I correct Thomas he still says, "mom I burped out my bum" I guess our kids go to the same wolfpack LOL

Bilary said...

How cute are your kids! I love the "farted in my mouth" comment. Our kids would get along great! My little Kate (not even one yet) laughs when she farts because she has learned it is funny from the other kids.

And the poop story - Oh lovely! You poor thing! That is hiarious! It is always funnier when it happens to someone else! Thanks for making me laugh today!:)