Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Well, I Think I Just Lost My Mother of the Year Award

So, Number One turned eight back in late March. A huge rite of passage when one turns eight here (other than getting baptized) is that you get to join Scouting. Number One has been VERY excited about it.

The problem was our den had its meetings at the same time that Number One had soccer practice. We opted to let him finish his season and then start up with Scouting. Well, his mother forgot to tell the den leader that soccer was over. So, he missed out on an additional two weeks of Scouting.

We finally remembered to get him to a pack meeting, and that's been about it. Why? Well, there are no meetings in June because he gets to go to Twilight Camp. It's one glorious week of evening Cub Scout fun. Shooting bb guns, crafting crafts, playing ball, and all that stuff that little boys can't get enough of. (Well, almost everything. I think it's against the rules to pee out the fire, so he can't do that).

I very carefully wrote down the date of Camp on my calendar. This calendar dictates my entire life down to fifteen minute intervals. There in big bright bold letters all the way across the week was TWILIGHT CAMP. I've planned everything around it next week. That makes me a great mom, right?

Well it would make me a great mom if camp wasn't THIS week. D'oh! So, his leader calls me today about thirty minutes after it had already started and asked why he wasn't there yesterday and today. What?!?! I have it on my calendar for next week!!! His leader politely told me that it was very nice that it's on my calendar for next week, but it doesn't change the fact that Camp is this week.

I hurried home and got his shoes, shirt, and ball glove and drove ( a little too fast) to the camp grounds. Poor kid. He missed yesterday and one-third of today. Plus, we're going out of town for the weekend on Friday, so he'll miss that, too.

He was kind enough to forgive me for my brain fart, explaining that he understands that I'm working with a pregnant brain. Um, thanks...I think. He did say he had a great time tonight, and can only imagine how fun it would have been to be able to enjoy the whole week. (Not twisting the knife already in my heart or anything, right?)

So, there goes my Mother of the Year award right out the window. Maybe I can work on getting it together, and shoot for being a runner up.

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Flutterbug said...

I love reading your blog, and getting to know you, I think you're a great mom