Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hearing Test Results

Little Guy had his hearing test today. He didn't get great results. He doesn't hear. Well, maybe he can hear a rocket take off next to his window or something, but not much more than that. It's been a long and draining day.

I promised myself I'd keep a blog of the journey we go through while helping Little Guy find his hearing and his voice. So, I created it today. It has more details of today's testing, and will have full details of everything we go through. It also will include some fun video footage and still shots of the entire process...including today's.

It's a work in progress and isn't totally done yet. But, I hope you'll stop by it now and then. Maybe something we have to share will strike a chord with someone. In that case, it'll all have been worth it.


Mattsmom said...

I am so glad that you are going to document this journey in this way. You are awesome.

leahlefler said...

I found your blog through google. Our little guy only has a moderate loss but we have lots of friends who have cochlear implants and are doing really well. Wishing you guys luck on your journey!

Kristin said...

Best wishes with your little are a great mom!

Susan said...

You truly amaze me! I have enjoyed reading your blog. Glad I found it.