Thursday, January 22, 2009

Questionable Maternal Instincts

Pretty has been really enjoying her new baby brother. She loves to help with him every chance she gets. She shares binkies, gives kisses and hugs, brings me diapers (who cares if they're not his size, right?), and does all she can to help him feel better when she cries.

I had to leave the house for about 20 minutes yesterday. Snort came with me, but the other four were home with the King while he made dinner. When I came home, he let me know that Pretty's maternal instincts might be just a little bit off. He heard Little Guy crying in his swing, but didn't want to leave the hot stove unattended. He tends to get into his own zone when he's busy. He told me he'd noticed that Little Guy's cry seemed to change tone. Not so much volume or intesity, just tone. His lightbulb didn't go on at that point telling him to check Little Guy. The crying continued for about five more minutes before the King realized he needed to at least turn around and check. It was at that point that he realized that Pretty must not have been interested in hearing Little Guy cry. So, she put a metal mixing bowl over his head. Yeah. She's got questionable maternal instincts. But, I'm also not so sure what that says about the King's fatherly instincts, either.


Rich said...

The King. . . a man after my own heart!

taffi said...

ok, that was just hilarious! ROFL

word verification: myotha - as in, Pretty must be my sista from myotha motha. :giggle: