Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Did They Really Just Say That???

So, apparently Number One and the Beast have both learned from having Little Guy around.

Number One was holding him the other day, and this is what I heard:

NO: Ahhhh! Little Guy just puked on me.
Me: It's okay. It's just baby throw up.
NO: Yeah, that means it's BOOB JUICE!!! *makes gagging sounds*

Yeah. I'm proud.

The Beast has apparently been confused about some of what he's been hearing. At church, he heard about the baby Jesus being wrapped in "swaddling clothes". I guess he also heard me say I was going to swaddle little guy, too. This is the conversation he had with the King yesterday:

Beast: Wait, Daddy. I need a Jesus blanket for my duck. He's cold.
King: What? A Jesus blanket?
Beast: Yep. My duck is cold. Bring it to him, please. I'll wait here.
King: *confused. Shakes his head and leaves.*

It wasn't until tonight that I had the Beast show me what he was talking about. He needed a receiving blanket AND a baby quilt. Luckily we had plenty of both, so he and his duck got to have one. He was delighted. How he made the connection to call it a "Jesus blanket" is totally beyond me. Then again, what inspired him to hide his poop in a drawer a year or so ago? Or to pee under the desk? Or to light his duck on fire? (did I ever actually blog that one???) I will never understand the way that child's brain work. I guess that's the beauty of my Beast.


Anonymous said...

boob juice LOL Matthew used to say, "give Thomas boob juice so he'll be quiet" And LOL about a Jesus blanket.

taffi said...

I believe we need the story about lighting his duck on fire.

oh, that sounds bad. sorry.

btw: word verification is 'motion'. I think that is a very appropriate word for your family. LOL