Saturday, January 24, 2009

Who Needs Sleep Anyway?

So, Little Guy has had RSV this week. He is doing SO MUCH better, and I was feeling super about the prospects for the rest of the week. Then, Snort woke up yesterday struggling to breathe. Figures. I gave him a breathing treatment, and it did nothing for him.

ECI came over right after his breathing treatment to help with Little Guy's food issues. (For more exciting info. on that, look here.) They also noticed his rapid and strained breathing. I made him a doctor appointment and then came unglued thinking he surely had RSV, too. Just one more thing for my plate, right?

Anyway, we made it to the dr., and he was really working hard to breathe. His O2 sats were kind of low, and I was worried they'd hospitalize him. I'd have to clone myself to be with him and home with the others at the same time. They also ran his RSV test and got him going on a breathing treatment.

While all this was happening, I was still wearing Little Guy in the snuggly and trying to keep Pretty entertained. It was I guess. Anyway, the nurse came in and, to my surprise, informed me that he definately did NOT have rsv. Wahoooooo!!!!! Something good was happening that day!!!

Instead, he was having a bad asthma attack. Still not great, but not contagious and something I could treat him for at home. His O2 levels came back up, and so we were told we could come home after two shots (ouch!).

So, we're home with lots of medicines and round-the-clock breathing treatments. Add that to Little Guy's medicines and breathing treatments, and I'm pretty sure I'll never get to sleep through the night again. Eh, who needs sleep anyway?


taffi said...

sleep is highly overrated.


wish I was there to help you! I'm good at giving nebulizer treatments to babies!

Lee said...

I ditto Taffi, totally overrated. I hope you are doing well. I wish I could come help you. Maybe some of my TX family will need me again. I have been thinking about you a ton.