Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Little Guy Was Blessed on Sunday

I survived a full three hours of church with five children!!! Okay, I can't take all the credit. I had help once we got there. I sent Pretty to sit with Marlene. The Beast went and sat with his friend, Andrea. I kept Snort, Number One, and Little Guy with me. The King had a meeting that morning before church, so I got to get the kids all up and dressed. It was a challenge (especially since half the house decided to become nocturnal the night before), but I did it. And I did it with a smile and without being frazzled. So, that all counts as a great thing. Right?

Anyway, the blessing was beautiful. In addition to the King, who administered the blessing, we had Shawn Kelly, Thomas Bryson, Phil Dickson, and Dane Shepherd in the circle with him. There were two other men who we love dearly and wanted in the circle, too. But we're limited to just four. The other two were there in spirit, so I guess it's okay.

Little Guy was blessed that he'd see his challenges in this life as gifts and opportunities. That was so comforting to hear. I've worked hard to teach my children never to have a "why me?" attititude about things, and this gives me hope that Little Guy will be receptive to that. It was just an overall warm and peaceful moment for him.

He wore the gown that the King's mom had hand-made by a friend of her's before Number One was born. It has a little tuxedo-type one-piece underneath it complete with bowtie. And then the long gown goes over the top. All four boys have worn it. Pretty has one that all my girls (like I'll ever get another girl. Ha!) will wear. He also had the blessing blanket my friend, Darci, made for Snort's blessing. So, we carried on some fun traditions there, too.


Kendra said...

So sweet! Liam is too adorable. And high five for getting all five ready and out the door on your own. I can't even do that with two

Anonymous said...

What a most precious son you have! I cried looking at his peaceful face in his blessing outfit. I'm sure he will rise to his full potential with the help of you and Byron! You rock!

Mattsmom said...

He is one of the most adorable babies ever!

heidi and tom said...

Oh Aimee!! He is BEAUTIFUL!! What a handsome little boy. So glad the blessing went well :)

Kristin said...

Awww...I need another baby! He is very precious. Hope you are doing well and getting some sleep. :D